Moringa oleifera is called as ‘The Miracle Tree’ due to its wonderful nutritional value, healing properties and enormous health benefits to humanity. Moringa oleifera leaves contain approximately 20 types of amino acids including all essential amino acids, 46 types of Antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds. Due to the moringa’s all natural essential nutrition and enormous health benefits, it has become the best natural nutritional supplement and raw organic super food supplement for daily use. It is a very good source of bio- available vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber and protein.

Moringa gives good support to bone health, immune system, cell structure, eye health, body metabolism, weight loss, diabetic sugar level, heart condition and many more… Organic Veda Moringa provides tremendous health benefits naturally to all category of people, especially for nursing mothers, women, sports persons, old aged people, and working professionals.

Moringa Nutrients

Moringa is considered to be the world’s most nutritious tree because of its exceptional nutritious value ever found on our planet.Gram to Gram comparison with dried Moringa Moringa vitamin_compareLeaf with specific nutrient rich foods….
The Moringa plant has had a long history of success according to India’s age-old medicinal tradition known as Ayurveda for centuries, used moringa as healing plant.(‘Ayur’ means ‘life’ ‘Veda’ means ‘knowledge or science’). In India it is grown all over the subcontinent for its tender pods, seeds, leaves and flowers. This is a backyard tree for daily use in millions of homesteads in South India.
Moringa oil is extracted from moringa seeds. Moringa oil is ideal for cooking as they contain 67.9% unsaturated fatty acid Oleic acid. Moringa pods are ideal for cooking different types of recipes and various countries such as Philippines, India have been using them from ancient days. Mature moringa pods are fried and have a flavor similar to peanuts. Moringa products such as moringa leaf powder, moringa capsules can be good solution for malnutrition in developing countries.