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Colloidal Silver SilverCTM The Natural Antibiotic

The person who follows the crowd usually only gets as far as the crowd.  Disease has ravage mankind since the beginning of time. I believe we are on the brink of the most devastating war our planet has ever experienced. Drug resistant bacteria are breeding everywhere. They are infecting our hospitals, homes and workplace at an alarming rate, preying on the weak and vulnerable due to nutritional mismanagement and overuse of antibiotics.

In the 1930’s, scientist began the fight against disease causing viruses and bacteria, with the discovery of the “Sulpha Drugs.”  Uncontrolled and inappropriate over use led to the “elixir sulphanilamide” disaster in the autumn of 1937, during which at least 100 people were poisoned in the USA alone. This led to the passage of the first Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in 1938. The Sulpha Drugs can be seen as the forerunner for the modern antibiotic, which took a giant leap forward with the discovery of Penicillin by Dr Howard Florey in 1939.

With both these types of drugs it was not long before severe side effects and/or bug resistance started to show.  Where in 1940, 10 units of Penicillin (costing $20.00 per dose – $500.00+ in today’s money), would destroy the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, which was responsible for many deaths by causing pneumonia and/or fatal toxic shock syndrome.  However, only four years after the drug companies began mass-producing penicillin in 1943, microbes began appearing that could resist it. Today, doses as high as 24 million units of Penicillin can be applied with little or no reaction.

The first bug to become resistant to Penicillin was Staphylococcus aureus. This bacterium, being most of the time a harmless passenger in the human body, can cause illness, such as pneumonia or toxic shock syndrome. This has now mutated into the extremely resistant bacterium strain with lethal side effects, known as Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, also commonly known as MRSA.

Records of Silver and its medicinal values go back for centuries. The Phoenicians are said to have stored water, wine, and vinegar in silver bottles to prevent spoiling. Hippocrates, the “father of medicine” wrote that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease properties. In the early 1900s, people would put silver coins in milk bottles to prolong the milk’s freshness. Prior to the introduction of antibiotics, colloidal silver was used as a germicide and disinfectant. Silver eye drops were put into newborn babies eyes, to prevent infections such as conjunctivitis.

With the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940s, the use of silver as an antimicrobial agent diminished. One well known, highly successful, brand name, silver colloid product in the period before 1940 was Argyrol. Argyrol is a silver-gelatin colloid, made by the reaction of silver nitrate, sodium hydroxide, and gelatin, in which a complex colloidal aggregate is formed. It was claimed to contain over 30% silver.

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The Oligodynamic effect (meaning – small dose (little) big force) of Silver, was discovered in 1893. This is the toxic effect of Silver Ions on living algae, molds, spores, fungi, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. This antimicrobial effect is devastating for these organisms, even in relatively low concentrations, as low as 10 parts of the active ingredient in a million parts of liquid (water) (10ppm). Silver is capable of rendering stored drinking water potable for several months. For this reason, water tanks on ships and in airplanes are often “silvered.”

SilverCTM is colloidal silver that has undergone the most rigorous test by the Environmental and Analytical Laboratories at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, Australia. It is found to be pure and free from any contaminants. Further tests revealed that the Nano-particles of silver are less than 3 angstroms, carrying a positive charge, making it easier to be active against pathogens in the body.

Apart from being affective against fungi, molds, viruses and bacteria, SilverCTMhas many other applications that are beneficial in the fight against the armada of invisible killers.

The Natural Health Academy recommend that you keep SilverCTMon hand at all time to ward off some form of infection whether  it is the common cold, a cut or bruise,  or just to disinfect an area, the interior of your car, wardrobe (where molds like to grow),  or sprayed in the air of a room of a sick person.