How To Release Anxiety

Years ago I suffered anxiety really bad, it was so bad I couldn’t drive anywhere without having an anxiety attack. Then one day I said to myself is anxiety going control me or am I going to control it.

When we are suffering from something whether it is a dis-ease in body or the mind we put up with it for so long then we either except it into our life or we don’t accept it. So when we make that decision that we are not going to accept it, we know it’s time to change something within us to make that happen. That is the biggest first step making the decision to change.

So how do we release anxiety?canstockphoto7042410

We learn to let go. I have a sign that I put up on the wall when I have things that keep going through my head over and over. The sign says “Let It Go”’

Anxiety is just us trying to control the outcome, or someone. Yep it’s that simple. We have to remember that we can only control anything that is to the length of our finger tips. Anything beyond that is beyond our reach and we have no control over it. So we may as well let it go. Worrying doesn’t make it better or worse it just makes us feel terrible with more anxiety.

So how do we let go and change those thoughts that keep going round and round in our head. First close your eyes and think about what’s worrying you, what keeps going through your mind. What is the outcome I would like. What would make me happier?

Now you focus on the outcome focus on what is going to make you happier. No buts

No I can’t. Let go of what you can’t do. Focus on what you can do. Now change the bad thoughts into what you want. It takes a lot of practice to change thoughts and become aware of what keeps going through our mind. The self-talk, we all would often love to tell it to shut up. We can, we just have to change our self-talk.

So become aware what of what is going through your mind and learn to stop those thoughts.

Here is a great You Tube Video about learning how to just stop it.