Why Colloidal Silver is the Most Hidden Resource in Medicine

A really good informative video about Colloidal Silver. He also addresses women’s issues in regards to yeast infections, HPV and cervical cancer. He also talks about Malaria and other diseases and how Colloidal Silver will help.

In this episode of The New Health Conversation-TV, Peter Greenlaw-Author and Coach Steve Toth-Moderator are having a dialogue with our guest Dr. Gordon Pedersen about Why Silver is the Most Hidden Resource in Medicine.

He is the nation’s foremost and leading expert on Silver. He is a clinical researcher with a PHD in Toxicology , Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Rehabilitative Medicine, certified in Naturapathic medicine , and is certified as a wound care specialist and member of the special operations medical association ( the military’s best) to discuss the mystery, history, controversy and interest involved in the use of Silver today. He has published the cure for Malaria and in Silver’s future potential role in medicine to eradicate life threatening infectious diseases such as MRSA ( Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus) Cervical Cancer caused by Papilloma Virus, and the leading cause of death in Africa ( his passion) Malaria. Find out why Silver is Medicine’s most hidden resource.