Storage Shed Built Out Of Pallets

If you look into sustainable living there are so many people now realising how we can build homes & sheds out of recycle materials, from earth bags, tyres, sand bags and even pallets.

I have quite an interest in all this and there is a great website called The National Building Blog. Each day I get a newsletter from them with ideas of what is happening around the world with sustainable living.

I have been inspired so much and we have been collecting pallets up on the property for a few months and decided its time to give something ago.

This is what we call the prototype. I haven’t seen anything like what we did so it is fairly unique. We had the idea and just gave it ago. It only took 2 days to get it to the first stage where the building was standing, but took a while to finish off as each board had to cut to suit the water tank roof.

It was a lot of fun and we learnt a few things along the way. We are proud of the shed, we actually call it the soap shed, but really it’s the storage shed for the business. We have since installed a kitchen and a 12 volt solar system. We are completely off grid here for everything. The house is run off a 24 volt solar system.

We have plans to build 2 more of these one for a storage and one for me to have for sewing. That I am looking forward to.

If your inspired by this go do some research on building with pallets in google images, and sustainable living. There is also a great documentary called the Garbage Warrior its amazing what they use to build eco homes and are helping third world countries to build their own homes with earth bags. Most of these homes are earthquake proof and are very thermal and cheap to build.