Caring For Our Feet

Upon reading through Valarie Ann Worwood book the other day, the caring for our feetbook fell open on a chapter on feet. When reading this I was also guilty of neglecting my feet which inspired me to create a foot and heel cream. Below is part of the chapter I read which I felt open my eyes to how we do just take our feet for granted.

Feet are often the most neglected area of the body, particularly when it comes to beauty care. And yet the feet are our most faithful friends, plodding on day after day carrying our weight, constantly under pressure, running for buses, walking up stairs, getting us around daily and generally making our active lives possible.. Its only when they begin to hurt that we look down and notice them.

Feet are very undemanding when you think of all they have do. You wouldn’t think to look at them, but they actually contain 72,000 nerve endings which is why a foot massage makes the entire body feel so wonderfully relaxed. If we do something even as simple as paddling in the sea or putting our feet in a bowl of warm water, the results are more rewarding than we might expect. Feet also act as the electrical interface between us and the earth, and it is through them that we are able to discharge and “ground” the static that builds up within us. You know how pent up you feel after a week of walking on concrete and marvellous it walking on grassfeels to throw off the shoes at the weekend and walk on the grass. This affords an actual electrical release an “earthing” which gives us a relief that seems out of proportion to the act itself.

Some people think that feet are ugly, and when you consider how neglected and put upon they are, who is surprised? Silently they suffer as we squeeze them into ill fitting shoes, until one day they just can’t take anymore and they develop a problem. The they cry for help. But why wait until then? They deserve more, and essential oils provide a fabulous and effective way to give them a treat. Even if we have left things to far, the oils can do much to right the balance.

Hard skin that is allowed to build up on the feet can cause pain later on in life and should be tackled as soon as it starts to appear, or better still, prevent it from appearing at all. Pumice stone, a natural volcanic rock, is a wonder for smoothing away hard skin and preventing busoaking feet in warm waterild up.

All feet will benefit from a soak in a bowl of warm water which a dozen or so small, round pebbles have been placed, along with a tablespoon of salt and your favourite essential oils.

A few special treatments are all you need to get your neglected feet back into shape.

So from this excerpt from Valarie’s book I have created a rich Heel and foot cream based on Colloidal Silver, Vegetable oils and Special blend of Essential oils that will help with dry cracked skin and to help soften and soothe tired feet.