Using Colloidal Silver On Pets


Our pets can be crazy sometimes, running around and barking or meowing at nothing we can see.  They sleep in the strangest positions, and they’ll put just about anything in their mouth.  Their tendency to eat, or at least lick, everything they can reach can sometimes be a problem, because some of those things can get them sick.  Eating weird stuff isn’t the only thing that can cause illness in our pets and farm animals.  There are plenty of bacteria and viruses that they can pick up, too, and they get scratches, scapes, and bites more than we even notice.

Fortunately, our furry friends have a good sense of things that will heal them, too.  Dogs will often eat bitter grasses when they know they’ve eaten something that isn’t good for them, and they need to bring it back up.  Bears are actually known for their ability to find medicinal plants in the forest.  So when we set out a bowl of colloidal silver water, it’s no surprise at all that they go straight for it, even when their regular water dish is sitting right next to it.  They never fail to perk up quickly from any infections.

Used in a dropper, colloidal silver can be effective for treating ear and eye infections without stinging or discomfort, and it’s generally faster than antibiotics.  Some breeds of pets need frequent eye and ear washes, and this is a gentle, soothing option.  Since silver is also effective against viruses, it’s a life-saving supplement when your dogs are fighting something like parvo, which usually has a very low survival rate.  Antibiotics have no effect on this devastating illness, and it spreads quickly to other animals.  It should be used under veterinary supervision in this case, since dehydration and organ damage can be present, and additional therapy like IV fluids should be part of your treatment plan, but adding silver may be the deciding factor for your little furry one.

About once a week I add a bit of colloidal silver to our pets’ water dishes, just as a preventative measure.  Colloidal silver is just as safe for our animals as it is for us, and has the same benefits for them too.  One of the things I like most is that it’s an extremely affordable way for us to avoid vet bills.  I’m sure you know that going to the vet can rack up quite a cost.  I’m not begrudging it either, they’re amazing when we need to make a visit.  But keeping those visits to a minimum definitely helps out the monthly budget.

Using silver is safe for all types of pets, including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, ferrets, and birds.  Some pet parents have used it as a de-wormer and as worm prevention with a higher success rate than with the drugs usually used for that purpose.  As a contrast, colloidal silver has no unfavourable side effects, where some of the drugs used can cause damage to your pets’ tissues.

This is especially true for horses.  Not only can you add colloidal silver to their water, but you can apply it directly to a wound to help speed healing.  Interestingly, it’s been used since the middle ages for just this type of application!  Keep in mind that colloidal silver isn’t recommended for any animals that have liver damage.  The liver is what processes the silver, and if this organ is already stressed, the silver might be too much for it to handle.

Colloidal silver is excellent for indoor pets, but those who venture outdoors will see the most benefit.  Since animals that roam freely have a greater tendency to come into contact with plants and other animals, they have a far greater risk of catching infections.  If you leave water out on the porch or deck for them, a few drops of silver will keep their water tasting fresher for them, and it will help keep away the scum that tends to form on hotter days.  If you have the breeds of animals that need tooth brushing, using colloidal silver on the brush will reduce bacterial growth in their mouths, and keeps that lovely doggy breath smell away.



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